7 Houseplant that Can Move Outdoor for Better Place

7 Houseplant that Can Move Outdoor for Better Place

Homiful.com -- Again, plants are one of the best things to make the room feel fresh and relaxed all day long. Especially when summer start, of course it's hot all day and the temperature will rise more than usual. And again, plants can make a great deal of a good natural refreshment. Whatever the type of plant, you can find it in the list below:




The next plant is the sun-loving croton. This plant grows and has a leaf color that breaks when it gets bright light. Need to be watered every week, and you can increase the watering to the maximum when it looks wilted.



This window sill plant is a beautiful Hoya for the room. In addition, this plant likes bright, indirect light and moist soil. With leaves that have a waxy coating, this plant will benefit in summer if placed outdoors.

Type of cacti and succulents


Plants that can survive outdoors are cacti and succulents. This plant, which prefers bright light and dries between watering, is indeed its natural habitat in the desert. This plant requires only a small amount of watering and should not be allowed to soggy soil.



Even with fussy care, this gardenia can grow well outdoors in summer, but with the right care. Likes moist soil and not wet, this plant also likes acid soil, fertilizer and mulch. Tolerance to the sun is very good in summer, you can also bring this plant indoors or outdoors.



The next is a garden plant that really likes a wide and free yard. This amaryllis will thrive in warm summer and loves moisture and appreciates soil mixed compost.

Ponytail palms


This ponytail plant includes a plant that can grow well outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight. To move it outdoors need steps so as not to surprise the plant and feel the heat.

Snake plant


This snake plant, which is a difficult plant to kill, even likes sunlight of any level. Even in the dark room of light, this plant grows well. And only need regular watering, especially when the soil dries up. This plant is very tolerant of all changes in temperature, water and light.

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