7 Hard to Kill Houseplants and Easy to Grow

7 Hard to Kill Houseplants That will Thrive in Your Home

Homiful.com -- Spending free time at home by using ornamental plants to enjoy relaxing time is indeed very pleasant. Whatever the reason, ornamental plants fresh leaves brought into the house can bring benefits and create a comfortable, clean environment. For beginners, you can choose plants that are strong and difficult to kill with regular care or not. You can choose some of these plants and see the list below:

Philodendron Brazil


You can choose philodendron ornamental plants, including this Brazilian philodendron variety. Plants that have leaves such as betel leaf can grow fast and are easy to plant. Yellowish green leaves look unique and attractive to be placed into the room. Provide regular watering and not excessive because this plant likes watering only when the soil is dry.

Sanseviera Francisii


From various types of snake plants, you can choose the type of Sansevieria Francissi which has unique leaves with pointed ends. Growing in clusters and clustered together in the middle, this plant's leaves with and dark green spots that are amazing.

Peace Lily


The lily flower is a plant of all time, which is not surprising if it is one of the most loved ornamental plants. This plant grows well with low maintenance, even for beginners. This plant has various sizes with beautiful white flowers to fill any room in the house. Place it in a well-lit area to make it bloom at the right time.

Ficus Tricolor


The next, which includes plants that are difficult to kill, is the focus tricolor. With beautiful leaves pf pink, green and purplish make this plant very loved by beginners. Place on a windowsill for bright indirect light and only water when the soil is dry. Make sure to keep the plants moist during the growing season.

ZZ Plant


If you are looking for a plant that is hard to kill and easy to grow, ZZ plant is the answer. Plants that thrive in this neglect can be a sweetener for the room, even for the office. This plant has glossy leaves with a waxy coating on it, which makes the plant sparkle when expose to the sun. You can store this plant in a low light area to indirect sunlight.



Any type of cactus plant seems to be the choice of ornamental plants that have the easiest care. Even if you leave it without regular watering every day. This plant can be grown either outdoors or indoors with low light or direct sunlight. The leaves that becomes stems store water, so you don't need to do continuous watering. The leaves will turn into thorns to overcome the process of transpiration or evaporation.

Spider Plant


Ornamental plants that are popular and easy to care for, very easily adapt to all weather, are spider plants. That have white and green leaves with pointed ends can be propagated easily. No need to water it too often so that the plant remains fertile and grows fresh.

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