7 Great Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

7 Great Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Homiful.com -- If you are a furry animal keeper and at the same time a lover of ornamental plants. It may be a little confusing and there is a fear in itself because pets like to bite your plants sometimes. This is one way for you to protect your pets from harmful plants and switch to animal-friendly. If any type, you can see 7 Great Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants below:



A plant with an adorable leaf shape and is often dubbed the money plant is pilea. A plant that can tolerate even low light. Likes watering when the soil is dry with less difficult care.

Rattlesnake Plant


Rattles snake plant is an evergreen plant from Brazil. Belonging to the type of calathea, this plant is highly valued for its beautiful leaves that are distinctive and wavy at the edges. This leaf looks exclusive with an elegant long shape and is very friendly to pets at home.

Spider plant


Next up is the spider plant which is known for its curved and stringy ends. This pet-friendly plant makes a great addition to the corner of a room with a hanging basket. You can place in a room with low light but really like the ideal humidity.

Peperomia watermelon


It has many varieties, but one of the favorite is watermelon peperomia. Plants with beautiful round leaves like watermelons prefer partial sun and regular care. With easy maintenance, you can water when the soil is dry, and it's safe for pets.

Boston fern


This moisture-loving Boston fern is perfectly safe for pets at home. This plant requires fertilization once every 2 months with tolerance to light, moisture and easy watering. You can make this plant as an indoor plant or in the bathroom, bedroom to other rooms in the house.



Palm is a tropical tree plant that has been popular since ancient times. The appearance of the leaves is beautiful and elegant, you can bring this plant into the room at home even though the lighting is not so intense, but it can be easy to adapt. Besides that, this plant with easy care is also friendly to pets.

Peacock calathea


There is a type of calathea that is safe for your pets at home, namely the peacock calathea. Plants with colorful leaves make for a truly stunning visual. This plant is pet friendly and likes partial light and slightly moist soil.

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