7 Genius Strawberry Growing Hacks

Homiful.com -- Strawberry. These cute, crisp and sweet fruits are beautiful fruit plants to grow. The red fruit with pink flowers can beautify your garden too. This plant is also easy to grow for beginner, suitable for growing fruit crops even in gardens with limited space. Even though it's easy, you have to consider several things, so the strawberries can appear fresh and ready to be harvested. You can see some interesting ideas in 7 genius strawberries growing hacks

Strawberry seeds from scrap strawberry


Strawberry plant seeds can be taken from the fruit itself. Wasted strawberry tops, usually containing flesh and seeds, can be grown into the new plants. Blend it for 15 seconds, let stand 10 minutes later the seeds will float, and you can prepare them for seeding process. Planting with too much pulp can cause the seeds to rot more quickly.

Trick to create slightly acidic to neutral soil


Make sure you know the type of soil you are using to grow strawberry. Instantly, use a well-draining potting mix is a good idea for strawberry growing medium. Otherwise, you can use coffee grounds or compost tea to increase the acidity and fertility of the soil, which strawberries love and produce bigger and fresh fruits.

Watering hacks


There are a few strawberries watering things you need to know. First, don't water the strawberries from above! This can cause the crown to rot and lose, so your plant does not bear fruit. Do regular watering twice a day, when the weather is hot, as they are not drought tolerant. When flowers and fruits are formed, the need for water must be added.

Add fake plants or animals around the plant


Strawberries are tempting, they also temp predators like birds. Planting outdoors is more risky for birds to eat your strawberries. You can put fake plants or birds to confuse birds or predators or keep them from stopping by your fruitful strawberry plant.

Fertilizer hacks


Don't forget, in order for plants to produce large, dense and fresh strawberries, you have to feed them. You can use organic fertilizers, such as a mixture of eggshells and so on. Better selected fertilizers contain calcium, potassium and phosphate nutrients. Using fertilizer containing nitrogen (46-0-0) will also keep your strawberry happy.

Do the trimming


Strawberries need pruning. You can do leaf pruning if the leaves are too thick or diseased. This will help to increase the quality and quantity of the strawberry harvest. Sometimes, you can also have to be willing to prune the flowers, as the flowers grow clumped and will produce smaller fruit.

Rain gutter for more strawberries


If you want more strawberry plants to produce more crops, then plant more. Get around the small area by using a stacked rain gutter as a strawberry planter. You can set it like the image above. Then, you will get more strawberries to harvest.

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