7 Garden Landscape with Croton

7 Garden Landscape with Croton

Homifine.com -- Croton is a striking ornamental plant and has very attractive leaf colors. Not a few garden lovers use croton plants just as room decorations. But using croton for landscaping at home is also the right choice. This plant requires quite intense sunlight and has easy maintenance, some croton ideas for home landscaping you can see in the reviews below:

Croton in the balcony area


Diverting to the balcony of the house can be an option to make the croton a semi-open plan. Place it in a high area to show an attractive croton display from below with a unique leaf color.

Various kinds of croton


To provide an attractive home landscape model, you can choose different types of crotons and have different. This will make a neat landscape design at home. Use a mixture of land cover with coral rocks and ornamental grasses.

Combine with vines


You can change the next idea to landscaping at home by choosing the types of croton plant and also vines such as tradescantia. These two combination of plants will make the landscape more perfect and attractive to apply in the yard.

Balcony and crown ideas


Se the balcony area at home with a fairly diverse selection of plant types. Not only with croton, English ivy, petunias and purple leaf plants you can make choices. Prepare with a high bed so that the plant look tall.

Landscaping croton with pot stand


By using a standing pot, you can design this landscape with a neat arrangement. Choose the use of standing pots to match the details of the landscaped.

Place it on the outside of the residence


With newer ideas and easy for you to make decorations. The croton that is neatly lined up on the outskirts of this dwelling will give a fresh and visually appealing effect. Some plant placements will add a more expressive contrasting color.

Regular landscape shape


With newer landscape models, maybe you can use this last idea easily. To make a large enough space, you can combine it with ponds and other plants, which when they grow large can shade the croton and the area below it.

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