7 Fun Fact of Croton Petra Guide

7 Fun Fact of Croton Petra Guide

Homiful.com -- As is known, the croton plant or ( Cadiaeum Variegatum) is an also plant from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. This shrub that grows very beautifully has colorful leaves with a variety of different types. In addition, this plant is a dense annual herb and grows upright. This plant has a texture that is usually thick and rough. With relatively low maintenance, you can have it as an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant. We can discuss some interesting facts about this croton plant together in the following review:

Croton plant growth location


This plant can survive  well in a lot of light. Colorful leaves are very beautiful if placed in the window of the house to the north, east or west. This plant requires about 5 hours of sunlight by placing it near a south-facing window. Place it from the window with a distance of 2 -3 meters. It should be noted, if this plant gets too much light than the leaves will darken and vice versa.

Get to know croton care

Before you choose croton plants to be used as indoor or outdoor ornamental plants, you can consider the following things:



The temperature for this croton plant during the day is 18 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature at night is around 12 degrees Celsius.



Do spraying on croton plants regularly to remove debris from the leaves in an effort to prevent pests, And this method can be done preferably once a week. This spraying is done in order to increase the quality and value of the ornamental plants.



Bad things can happen to this croton plant if it gets too much water too quickly. The right substrate is to water the plant only when the soil dry.

Leaf damage


If the croton is an ideal place with the right light intensity, the leaves will look attractive and colorful. But if you get frequent watering and too little light, maybe this can cause the leaves to fall and turn yellow.

Common Issue


- Dull leaf coloring
- Leaf dropping
- Pests disease
- Curling

Special care needed


- Cleaning leaves

This plant's leaves are a dust magnet. Wash or wipe down the leaves at least once a year to help it process sunlight better

- Location sensitive

This plant does not like to be moved and will experience leaf drooping, but it should only last for a week, then return to normal.

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