7 Exotic Types of Ficus Trees and Plants

Homiful.com -- Many houseplant lovers recommend ficus plants or trees as an easy-to-maintain indoor plant option. Yes, in fact it is. In addition, many types of the ficus plants have patterns with unique and beautiful leaves. Without you knowing it, ficus plants can be a star stealer in your home and garden. Discover the 7 Exotic Types of Ficus Trees and Plants.

1. Ficus Ruby


If you are a collector of ficus plants, you must have this ficus ruby. This plant is famous for its-leaves with a pink tinge on some sides of their dark green leaves. The ficus ruby tree loves bright light. You can try to move the plant into a brighter spot, if you feel your ficus ruby is not growing.

2. Ficus Audrey


Ficus audrey recognized as the national tree of India, some know it as the banyan tree. In their natural habitat, this plant can grow as the largest canopy tree. However, this plant can be grown into the best indoor plant. Compared to other types of ficus, ficus audrey has softer leaves with fresh green color that make your spot more lively. Put the plant near a northwest facing window.

3. Ficus Elastica Tineke


In contrast to ficus ruby, ficus elastica tineke is very distinctive with dark-green leaf pattern with whitish edges. The pattern is so unique and exotic, to make this ficus a gorgeous living decor anywhere you put it. They will thrive in sufficient sunlight and watering. A healthy ficus plant will grow strong and tall.

4. Ficus altissima


Ficus altissima is also known as the council tree and loft fig. The plant is so stunning with yellow and green variegated leaves. The green and yellow colors spread nicely to produce leaf color gradations that look so fresh. Ficus altissima love bright and indirect light. Frequently clean the leaves of dust for an always fresh look.

5. Ficus Burgundy


There is also a ficus in exotic black color like this, namely the Ficus burgundy. Ficus burgundy is also known as rubber fig. It is an easier plant to care for than other types of ficus. It likes completely dry-out soil, before the next watering is carried out.

6. Ficus Benjamina


Ficus benjamina is one of the most popular types of ficus. Distinguished by, the leaves are small and thick. The leaves still have a distinctive pattern with a yellowish white tinge on it. Water them when the soil surface is completely dry. You can put it on the east window.

7. Ficus Ginseng


Yes, according to the name and picture, this ficus known as the ginseng ficus. Because of its fat root shape that resembles ginseng. This plant has a scientific name of Ficus retusa. It loves bright light. Keep them in soil evenly moist but never soggy.

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