7 Exotic Flowers to Plant for a Garden that Feels like a Tropical Paradise

7 Exotic Flowers to Plant for a Garden that Feels like a Tropical Paradise

Homiful.com -- Exotic flowers can be planted in the garden or yard, which will make the atmosphere tropical and becomes the best exhibition for flower lovers. You can introduce some list of these fantastic plants and exotic flowers from the tropics of the world.


Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile


With a symbol of longevity, this flower can grow in water with neglect. This plant has flowers with striking blue petals and is great for striking a colorful balance.

Hibiscus Lanterne (Hibiscuc Schizopetalus)


Another exotic flower is the hibiscus lanterne which is perfect o tadd to your landscaping. This plant with pink petals balances energy and romance to create the ideal focal point. Can grow in full sun and bloom seasonal.

Crimson Flag


This flower has a vibrant color in late autumn, which is exotic and perfect for planting. This dazzling cup-shaped flower symbolize majesty and a blissful paradise.

Queensland Lily (Crinum)


Comes with impressive striped flowers and purple hues. This exotic flower plant will bloom in July to August with a warm climate. Likes moderate water requirements, fertile soil with good drainage.

Dewflower (Drosanthemum Micans)


Next is dew flower which has yellow, red tips with showy succulent leaves, This plant likes moderate to dry water requirements. This plant is a symbol of glamorous appearance and spiritual growth.

Peacock flower


This plant may look like it needs extra care. On the contrary, this plant will be enjoyed throughout the season with exotic flowers originating from South Africa with beautiful colors and dramatic shapes.

Hardy Yellow Ice plant


Known for their intense golden flowers, this plant has succulent leaves with a unique red hue and can be used to beautify an empty home page.

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