7 Best Trailing Foliage Plants for Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes

Homiful.com -- Plants are magical. Some of them can grow trailing to form beautiful dangling plants. These plants are also great for hanging basket or filly empty vertical space near window boxes. Plants that come out of hanging pots or window boxes with beautiful strands will give a fresh and dynamical visual.

It's better to choose the type of trailing foliage plants that can grow happily in your home and garden. You can see some trailing plant ideas at 7 Best Trailing Foliage Plants for Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes.

Rhipsalis Red Coral


Rhipsalis red coral is a plant of the cactus genus that can grow trailing with plants part in a reddish color like this. As the name implies, they look like red coral in the sea. In their habitat, they grow under three canopies, making them suitable for planting on hanging baskets. They don't like direct afternoon sun, it will make the leaves turn pale yellow.

Pothos plant


There are many types of pothos plants. Most of them can grow vines or trailing like this. Its drapery leaves make it popular as a hanging plant or in hanging baskets. With this arrangement, pothos plants can grow vines on a log racks and beautifully cascade along the connecting rope. 

Spider Plants


Spider plants are low-maintenance plants that are most recommended for hanging baskets or window boxes. This plant does have conditions that can grow at height, even with low maintenance. What's unique about spider plants is that they can produce spiderettes or baby plants from the parent leaf. These spiderettes can grow trailing or dangle beautifully from the hanging pot.

Spanish Moss


Spanish moss, in fact, is neither a moss nor a parasite. Similar to air plants (tilandsia), this is an independent plant that can take water and nutrients from the air. Spanish moss prefer a light and humid environment. They don't like direct sunlight as it can scorch the leaves. At the best conditions, they can thrive and  grow to form a natural curtain.

Burro's Tail


Burro's tail gives a refreshing green feel, where actually, it is a heat and drought tolerant plant. Burro's tail is a succulent that thrives on well-drained hanging pots or baskets and receiving bright sunlight. They can grow dangling giving a unique plump accent around the window. 

Hoya Indian Rope


As the name implies, this plant looks like a natural green rope with adorable pink flowers. Hoya Indian rope plant is very easy to maintain. Just make sure they get plenty of bright indirect light, as direct sunlight may burn their leaves. The flowers are slow to bloom, but once they boom, they give off a sweet fragrance indoors.

String of Heart

String of hearts is a great option to add color to a hanging basket at home. The unique leaf shape is the main attraction of this plant. The leaves are heart-shaped with a marble-like abstract pattern. The flowers and stems in magenta will grow to resemble ropes and decorate your home area.

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