7 Best privacy Trees for Your Backyard


Homiful.com -- The backyard is the perfect to do activities and relax with the family. Therefore, you can make sure the backyard gets full privacy. In addition to designing a fence, another option  that you can choose is to grow a tree. There are many types of trees that you can grow at home. You can choose them according to the available land capacity.

Here are the 7 best privacy trees for your backyard below!

1. Arborvitae


The first tree was Arborvitae. They have the characteristics of a rounded shape and height. This tree grow tall and like a pyramid shape. You can grow some trees in the backyard to provide more privacy. There are other plants to beautify the look of the house.

2. Serviceberry


The second tree is Serviceberry. They have characteristic white flowers that will bloom is spring. For their care, you should regularly prune them. That way, the tree will still look neat and attractive.

3. Chastetree


Who does not fall in love with the Chastetree. The tree looks so beautiful with shades of purple. They have a rapid growth and widen. The backyard is one of the best places to grow them.

4. Juniper


Juniper is one of the trees that you grow in the backyard . They have different sizes, you can adjust them according to your needs.

5. False cypress


This tree has characteristic leaves with a fern-like shape. To grow false cypress is also easy. You can grow them in the backyard or in the front yard of the house.

6. Hydrangea


Hydrangea is one of the plants with the most beautiful flowers. They can adapt well to their environment. Characteristic hydrangea flowers have stunning and beautiful flowers

7. Hemlock


Hemlock is one of the best trees that can tolerate wintering. They are trees with beautiful leaves. Hemlock can also grow tall, making it suitable for adding to the privacy of your backyard.

That's review of 7 best privacy trees for your backyard . Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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