7 Best Plants to Add Color to Your Home

Homiful.com --  One of the wonders of plants that make them so special is the leaves or their parts, which come in many different colors, patterns and shapes. They will be very beautiful placed anywhere, especially in empty areas of the house. Some plants will brighten up your home. Thus, you need to know some plants that add color and can grow well at home. To help you, we've gathered 7 Best Plants to Add Color to Your Home.

Flapjacks Kalanchoe


Flapjack kalanchoe also known as paddle plant. This plant has thick, round, paddle-shaped leaves. Some even call it a red pancake plant, with a beautiful reddish leaf tip during winter. Paddle plants prefer to be planted outdoors in full sunlight. However, they can treat as an indoor plant,  keep them in bright light to get the best performance of flapjack kalanchoe.



Echevaria is a large flowering plant of the genus Crasuallaceae family. Comes from dry areas, such as Central America and Mexico. It is a drought-tolerant plant, the plant only need water once every week. Echevaria is so beautiful with bright, fleshy rosettes that will add color to your home.

Nerve plant

Nerve plant (Fittonia albivenis) is a stunning flowering plant with dark green foliage and strong contrasting red veins. The combination of dark green and pink makes this pink nerve plant so unique and exotic. You can even plant a nerve plant on the teacup-shaped pot like this. As a ground cover plant, the plant do well in indirect light.

Maranta luconeura fascinator


The plant that will color next is maranta leuconeura fascinator. You might call it a prayer plant. Because the leaves will close together at night, like praying hands. As the name implies, the plant will fascinate you. They have a beautiful foliage with leaf surface in lemon green color with pinkish leaf veins. The back of the leaves are also colored with a sweet pink color.

String of Turtles


String of turtles (Peperomia prostata) is a small succulent plant that is perfect for hanging at home. You can place them on a hanging basket or hanging pot to fill the vertical space. They have a unique leaf shape, like a miniature of green turtle shell. They love indirect light and grow happily on that condition.

Sanseveiria Golden hahnii


Sansevieria, as a million people plant, they are indeed very easy to grow. There is also the sansevieria golden hahnii variety, which has bright green and yellow leaves. They can live well without regular maintenance. Its small size is suitable as a plant on the work desk, the bright yellow color will make the work desk fresher.



Anthurium andreanum will remind you a bit of peace lily. This plant has heart-shaped and glossy leaves. With red inflorescences, which are often called as flamingo flowers. It is also a plant that can remove the air pollution according to NASA research.

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