7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies on Instagram

Homiful.com -- It's time to make the small balcony in your home shine more. You can decorate it with various styles and ornament, which make a small outdoor balcony get the best look. An attractive small balcony will be an outdoor attraction in your home. This can also be an Instagrammable spot ad worth posting to inspire many others. As inspiration for decorating the balcony, you can see 7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies on Instagram.

Nordic-style balcony decoration


Take your little balcony to the next level! You can give it a certain style of decoration to make it look good. Nordic decoration style, with dominant wood elements and bright-white color, will make the small balcony have a clear visual character. The addition of green plants around the house also makes the balcony more refreshing.

A romantic small balcony


A small balcony can be the best place to enjoy a weekend evening. Decorate the balcony with furniture and knick-knacks that bring a warm atmosphere and a sweet look. A warm atmosphere can be presented from the use of lanterns, string of lights and small candles. Sweet visuals of blooming flowers, pink sofas and pink throws. This will be a romantic small balcony.

Surround yourself with flowers


Plants and flowers are decorations that are easy to get to beautify the balcony, even a small balcony. Flowers that bloom in season can be placed around the balcony, such as on a small table, balcony corner and even on the balcony wall. Flowers will bring a happy feeling when you are on the balcony.

Creating a vertical garden


A small outdoor balcony can be a suitable place to take care of houseplants, especially plants that like full sun. Get around a small area by creating a vertical garden on the balcony. You can use a wooden pallet with rows to attach potted plants there. A vertical garden with lush plants will liven up the balcony atmosphere.

Warm outdoor small balcony


When you feel bored at home, it feels good to go to a balcony that is as beautiful as this decoration. This balcony is indeed small, but the decoration of blooming flowers and string lights with soft glow effect, those can gives off a warm and soothing vibe to anyone who's there.

Hang some things


Make the most of a small balcony by choosing some hanging furniture and decorations. You can add relaxing features such as an egg chair swing that is firmly attached to the balcony ceiling. Hanging beautiful blooming flowers in pots is also a good idea to get a stunning small balcony.

Colorful balcony decor ideas


Enliven the small balcony with bright colors. Bright colors can be applied to a variety of objects, such as plant pots, floating shelves and fabric materials. Using a green carpet like grass will further refresh the small balcony. A colorful balcony will keep you happy.

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