7 Beautiful Planter Design Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor

Homiful.com -- The house will indeed feel fresh with plants, both indoor and outdoor. Even if you don't have open land to grow plants, you can use a container or pot to plant various plants. Plants will also be a good decoration element, especially if you have a planter. The more unique the plant, the more attractive the appearance of your home and garden. Take a look at these 7 Beautiful Planter Design Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor.

Stunning big hanging planter


Your vertical space also needs a touch of aesthetic and freshness. You can give them both by hanging plants in this big hanging planter bowl, like this one. Beautiful patterns and colors will give the vertical space an aesthetically pleasing visual. 

Big succulent planter


A variety of succulents can be patio or terrace plants, which do well in these places. You can grow more types of succulents, even in one container, at a time. Choose a large bowl container made of concrete like this. Make sure the planter has adequate drainage holes to prevent the succulent from rotting. A large planter is perfect for the corner of the patio. 

DIY planter design

Get creative with your favorite planter design! Create a unique planter that makes you happy to see it. You can make a planter in bicycle-shaped with white blue color and beautiful colorful floral patterns. This kind of planter will be more lively as a place to plant flowers, such as purslanes flowers.

Strong outdoor planter design


Outdoors have more dynamic weather conditions than indoors. Therefore, you need a strong planter for outdoor plants. Choose a planter in medium to large size according to plant growth. The bigger or taller, you need a bigger and stronger planter. The wine barrel can be an alternative planter in an outdoor garden. 

Aesthetic planter design


Who would have thought that used basketballs could be up-cycled into high fashion decor like this. These basketballs become a decorative planter for growing snake plants or sansevierias. Sansevieria with green, upright leaves will be a perfect combination with a high fashion planter.

Railing planter box


The railing or fence of your house is more beautiful when used as a place to install a planter in it. The planter box model with coir planting media like this is easy to install on the railing. There, you can combine plants that like full sun in one planter. Combine snapdragons, salvias, creeping Jenni's and phloxes that go great together. 

Coastal whale planter design


This cute coastal whale planter is perfect to make your space more lively. The whale-shaped is already attractive, especially when it is used for small succulent planting media. This whale planter can be a beautiful and adorable tabletop decoration. 

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