Your Guide to Decorating with Mirrors -- Mirror. We usually use a mirror to see our face or make-up, or to check our attire before leaving the house. More than that, mirrors can be the best decorative elements for your home. It can give the illusion of a wider space and increase the light in the room. With a unique frame and shape, the mirror is a great idea to fill the plain wall. If you want to decorate your home with mirror, here are Your Guide to Decorating with Mirrors.

Dress up the mirror


Many people install a sink mirror. In order not to look ordinary, you can make the mirror look more beautiful by giving a touch of decoration such as artificial flowers around the mirror frame. This kind of mirror not only function, but also make the corner of the house look more beautiful. 

Place a mirror in your bedroom


Before leaving the bedroom, make sure you have the best appearance to welcome guests or go to certain events. Check your attire on the mirror in the room. Choose a mirror design in a simple shape, but has a high dimension that fits your posture. Tall mirrors like these also help the room appear larger than it actually is. 

Pick mirror with unique look


With unique forms and beautiful frames, the mirror can be a stunning solo wall ornaments. Choose a mirror that you really like and match the surrounding decor. For example, the unique shape accent on this mirror appears in harmony with the nearby flower vase decoration.

Mirror on the walls


Mirrors can be a sweetener in any room. If you are confused about filling the walls in the room, you can choose a mirror like this one that has a unique, geometric frame like this. This mirror blends well with the wall with exposed brick pattern wallpaper behind it.

A solo charmer in the living space


One large mirror in copper color and this beautiful carving is very good to be a focal point in your living space. You don't need extra knick-knacks around the walls with this beautiful mirror. Because, with its elegant shape, the mirror has increased the aesthetic side of the room.

Increase the number of mirrors


The installation of a mirror as a decoration adjusts how the shape of the mirror. If you choose one small square mirror, increase the number of mirrors to make it appear more like in this image. More mirrors in a symmetrical shape will display balance in the room.

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