What If The Peace Lily Flowers Turns Green?

Homiful.com --  Peace lily is one of the popular ornamental plants to refresh the room and is widely used as a houseplant that can be placed in various spots in the house. In addition to the living room, peace lilies, are also widely placed in bedrooms and bathrooms. The peace lily plant, is also known for its beautiful white flowers, but, sometimes the peace lily can turn green. For the causes and how to overcome them, see the following review about What If The Peace Lily Flowers Turns Green?





Peace lily flowers, are generally known to have a white color that looks elegant. The blooms on the peace lily flower have the name spathe, which are modified leaves that are able to produce chlorophyll to help plants meet energy from sunlight. However, sometimes this peace lily flower can also be green for certain reasons.



Lack of light


The first thing that can lead to green peace lilies is a lack of lighting. Dim light will make the peace lily flower grow green or if you have got white flowers, it can slowly turn green due to lack of light intake. Low light conditions cause spathes to seek light and can present chlorophyll in their flowers.



Age of flower


Another thing that can cause this peace lily flower to turn green is due to the age of the flower. The white flowers often turn green with age. This of course you have to mark by ensuring the age of the bloom, so you can find out the main cause.



Another problem that may arise is excessive fertilization and will encourage excessive chlorophyll production and will affect the growth of green flowers. Green peace lily flowers can also be caused by acclimation, where the plant you just bought is adjusting to the temperature and environment in your home.




The way to deal with peace lilies turning green is to ensure the light intake. Peace lilies love indirect, bright sunlight. Some people assume that too much light will make them green, whereas plants will automatically regulate their chloroplasts and reduce the amount of light they capture and make leaves appear less green.

Another thing you need to do is find out the main cause so that you can determine the next step in your plant and can also anticipate the next flower blooming.



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