Unique and Modern Minimalist Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- The concept of a minimalist garden is not always synonymous with a simple garden, as it is. You can add some elements of shape, color and material to make it look unique and have a modern vibe. With a unique, modern and minimalist garden concept, it will be suitable to fill empty open spaces in your home. No need to look far image inspiration for unique and cool garden ideas, we've prepared Unique and Modern Minimalist Garden Ideas.


Mini tropical garden in front of the house


Do you need something to refresh the look of your home? Create a tropical garden in the front yard area of the house. Make it simple by laying out artificial grass surrounded by white pebbles. Plant such as banana trees, namely Calathea lutea plant, which has long, shady leaves. It will be more perfect with a roof from  special thatched.

A living fence that gives privacy and freshness


It doesn't matter if you have a simple garden concept, make it more unique by making a fence or living wall. This living fence made of plants arranged in such-a-way that it becomes a fresh green garden fence. This kind of fence also provides privacy when you are in the garden. Boxwood plants are one such plant for the green fence.

Lawn and small cypress plants


Surely, you don't want your home look to dry and boring, right? Avoid the arid look by making a garden in front of the house. This small garden can be overgrown with grass (manicured-lawn) and small cypress plants to enrich the garden atmosphere. You can also provide tropical plants to give a fresh tropical vibe.

Add shape to the garden


You can make a minimalist garden more dynamic by adding shape elements. It's quite easy to make it. Arrange the plant in the shape you want. Make the grass also follow the direction of the plants you have set. Everything will look so good by adding natural rocks in two color. The rocks will give a stunning contrast to the garden.

Bromeliad garden


You can also have a minimalist and unique garden with only one type of plant. For example, create a garden filled bromeliads. Bromeliads are epiphytic plants, most of which are capable of effectively cleaning the air at night. Unique leaf shapes and bright colors will make the garden more beautiful. The maintenance is easy, you only need to water it twice a week.

Dry and relaxing garden


A garden that is not complicated and easy for you to care for is a dry garden design. This garden uses special sand to provide natural visualization and as a growing medium for desert plants, such as cacti, succulents, and the like. The garden also has a decking that can be used as a relaxing place to sit, either during the day or at night.

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