Types of Pothos that are Fun to Grow and Display

Types of Pothos that are Fun to Grow and Display

Homiful.com -- Pothos plants cannot be doubted to be used as ornamental plants because they have easy care and are popular in various circles. It grows well indoors and can survive in different  weather conditions. Pothos is a popular vine to be planted in baskets by hanging. Some verities you can see in the following reviews:

Marble Queen Pothos 


This pothos is often used as a golden pothos because it has almost the same leaf details. However, this type has a white/cream variegation that requires a little more light than golden pothos.

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos may be one type that is often found in various markets and homes. Heart shaped leaves have a wax coating and slight variegation of yellow color, is growing quickly indoors or outdoors.

Jade Pothos


This jade pothos has solid jade green leaves and is a great choice for those who like it to be placed in a room with limited light. This jade pothos leaf is slimmer than the gold and marble queen pothos.

Global Green Pothos


This type is relatively new. This global green pothos is known for its dark and light green speckled leaves. Although considered rare, this plant has started nurseries, which makes it even more popular.

Dragon's Tail Pothos


Next is the dragon tail pothos which is easy to care for. Has the characteristics of small leaves, thin jade green leave and grows large when mature.

Neon Pothos 


Neon pothos look beautiful with bright green-yellow leaves that are often mistaken for philodendron lemon-lime. Identical leaves such as philodendron lemon lime grow well in moderate to bright light.

Pearls and Jade Pothos


Developed at the University of Florida, the plant is a cultivation that has been patented from the marble queen of pothos. Leaves that are smaller, thin with white and cream color have green stripes all over that part. This plant is known as a slow-growing plant and prefers brighter light.

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