How To Grow Hoya - A part of houseplant, Hoya can take at home for plants collection. Growing climb, this lovely plants can hang at your ceiling or windowsill. Then, see How To Grow Hoya and try it at home. Check it out!



In nature, most Hoyas grow in dappled light. If you put the plants at indoor, just place it at the bright indirect light that tends to work best. Help you to know, if the light levels are too low, variegated Hoya may lose their variegation. Then, if your indoor condition aren't bright enough, make for artificial illumination.

Temperature & Humidity


Hoya plants are tropical and subtropical species. Then, this plant can grow in our temperature, around 70 degrees F. If the temperature too cold, the leaves can turn be yellow. And it makes you keep the plant above 45 F degrees.

For the humidity, Hoya plant like if you let their soil dry out. Hailing from tropical and subtropical climates as they do, they also like a bit of humidity. Just keeping the ambient indoor humidity at 30 to 40 percent for the plants.



Generally, let the plant dry out before watering is the good one. But, some Hoyas grow allow the top inch or two of the soil to dry before watering. Then, you can water the Hoya plant every two weeks, or even less frequently. It can see how quickly Hoya plant dries out.



Most Hoya species not used to having their roots plunged into rich soil. And their roots usually grow in the shallow crevices of trees. If you grow the Hoya at indoor, you can make own potting mix. With a good basic soil recipe for Hoyas consists of equal parts potting soil, pumice or perlite, and orchid bark or coconut husks.



You can fertilize the Hoya plants by organic decayed matter. It can help the plants grow nicely. Other way, you can use some liquid houseplant food to fertilize the Hoya plants.



Pruning can apply if you wanna create a bushier-looking plant. When you wanna pruning the Hoya plant, use sterilized scissors or garden snips.

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