How to Grow and Care for Philodendron Melanocrhsyum

How to Grow and Care for Philodendron Melanocrhsyum -- Philodendron melaoncrhysum is quite well known for its rare black gold philodendron and is popular as an ornamental plant because of its beautiful leaves, Velvet leaves on this plant look contrasting and beautiful with shades of dark green and yellow veins can reach a length of 24 inches. This plant is quite difficult to find, but easy in the process of care and maintenance. Here are some ways to treat philodendron melanochrsyum that you can see the review below:


Philodendron melanochrysum can grow naturally as an ornamental plant that can receive light either directly or mottled. When you put this plant indoors, choose the right area for the plant to receive bright and indirect light.



To provide proper care and growth, you can choose the right potting medium for this philodendron. Use a good soil mixture with a high of humidity as well as an ideal organic content. Alternatively, you can make your own soil mixture by combining peat soil, perlite and one part of orchid skin mixture.



This tropical plant requires regular watering to help the growth process. You should water this plant when the soil dries out only and do not make it too submerged to avoid root rot.

Temperature and humidity


It grows well at ideal temperatures and humidity levels. This plant loves the above-average inertia that you can put in the house or make it confined to the greenhouse.



Nutrients are needed by plants to maintain the beauty and health of plants. Give fertilizer regularly when the growth period is active.

How to spread plants


To spread philodendron mealonchrysum you can be in way of stem cuttings. Scissors several stems of the plant with scissor by exposing all knots and leaving leaves on the top. You can place it in water with the knot open and the stem submerged  into the water completely. Wait patiently for its new roots. You can move into the soil medium carefully and the plant has been well dried.

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