How to Grow and Care for the Mistletoe Cactus

How to Grow and Care for the Mistletoe Cactus -- Cactus mistletoe is also known as Rhipsalis which is a tropical plant including a family of cactus sticks that are perfect for hanging plants in the room. With attractive leaves, this plant has some beautiful flowers and fruits that grow almost all year round. As a summary. How to grow and care for it, you can listen to the article below:

Mistletoe cactus treatment with lamps


Unlike the desert cactus, this mistletoe cactus is quite sensitive to direct sunlight and prefers moderate sunlight. Even in low-light locations, this plant will grow, although it will not notice much change.



To carry out good care and growth on this cactus, you need a moisture that are moist and have been well dried. This plant loves slightly acidic soils and can survive in standard commercial potted soils.



Because it likes evenly moist soil, and should not be allowed to dry completely, this plant needs to avoid groundwater that is too wet and create puddles on the surface. Make sure the pot has good drainage and let the top of 1 -2 inches dry.

Temperature and humidity


To increase the productivity and growth of this cactus mistletoe, you can give the temperature and idea with the appropriate humidity level. Because it comes from the tropics and subtropics. This plant grows well in warm conditions with a temperature of 166 -27 degrees Celsius.

Fertilizer feeding


Just like other plants that need fertilizer, this plant highly appreciates giving fertilizer during the growing season. Provide a balanced liquid fertilizer and has been diluted to half the strength of cactus mistletoe.

How to deploy


To propagate this plant, you can use a few inches of plants that can be directly planted in pots filled with soil. It takes patience to grow new roots and stems grow, try to avoid too intense sunlight.

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