How to Get More Flowers From Your Peace Lily

How to Get More Flowers From Your Peace Lily -- As it is known, peace lilies are ornamental plants with dark green glossy leaves and have lush features at every corner, even if placed in low-swollen light. Although many think that this plant has white flowers like wax, when in fact it is a leaf that has been modified and commonly called spathe to protect the original flower - spadix. With white flowers, many people want peace lilies with more growth. Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage this plant to have quite a lot of flowers.

Some of the things you need to get a flower lily


The best planting media

Like other ornamental plants, peace lilies need well-dried and light plants to thrive. Although this plant also loves moist soil, this should not make it inundated, which will result in rotting of the roots.

You can do growth up to propagation in the spring or once every two years depending on the size of the plant.



Because in its natural habitat, this plant grows under forest trees in the American tropics, the warm climate is very much an idea for a flowering plant that can encourage flowering. This plant should be at least warm at a temperature of 65 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit.



This plant in its natural habitat can receive little and rare light because it gets a cry from trees in the forest. To encourage maximum flowering, you can show this plant from direct sunlight. If the light begins to dampen, move it to a brighter place. If the light obtained is too bright, this will make photosynthesis more in the spathe, which makes it green.



The next way to increase the flowering of peace lilies is to water 2 to 3 times in a minute. It is better to used distilled water because it is free from chemicals and compounds of tap water. When the leaves begin to droop, turn yellow and brown at the ends, it is likely that this plant will retain water for a few days. Keep in mind when the stem of the plant begins to blacken, it is a sign if the plant has too much water.



The peace lilies took a second to start silencing. This plant will give beautiful flowers and last up to one month more roofing. After that, to get a more likely numerator, it takes a little effort. But in this day's, you can enjoy beautiful shiny green leaves.

Flowering season


It's a good time to get beautiful peace lilies you need time. The plant will bloom naturally in early summer, lasting one month and until winter. With the natural life cycle of this plant, you can see again when spring comes.



The health and nutrition of plants is an important health that needs to be considered. To encourage flowering, you can feed with a balanced ornamental plant fertilizer. If the flowers are formed poorly, of course you can use fertilizers that container high phosphorus.

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