How To Fix Your Mother-in-Law Plant With Yellow Leaves -- Snake plant or known as mother-in-law is one of the houseplants with low care. It is recommended for those of you who do not have time to take care of plants and a novice gardener. But for some reason, snake plant leaves can turn yellow. To prevent this, let's check out the how to fix your mother-in-law plant with yellow leaves review below.

Soil moisture


Soil moisture plays an important role in growth of snake plants. They, don't like moist soil. Moist soil will make the snake plant quickly rot and die. After watering, you can drain the water on the plate under the pot.

Proper watering


Watering the mother-in-law plant too often or improper watering will make the leaves turn yellow. The best solution, you have to water it when the soil conditions are completely dry.



If the soil used remains moist after a few days. This is certainly not good for the condition of the snake plant. You can move the planting in a pot containing a mixture of soil and sand, so that drainage will run better. That way, the mother-in-wat plant will grow well.

Cutting dry leaves


In order for the snake plant to grow healthy and beautiful, you can cut the dry part of the leaves. In addition to the dry end of the leaves, be sure to also prune the leaves that turn yellow.

Putting in a bright space


Snake plant or mother-in-law plant can live even with low light. But in order to keep it growing well, you can put it near the window at any given time. Mother-in-law is one of the best air filter plants, that you can grow at home.

That's the review of how to fix your mother-in-law with yellow leaves. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you.

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