How To Care For Your Peace Lily | Grow At Home - As the one of most popular houseplants, peace lily can increase your gloomy and narrow home. To make the peace lily keep fresh and healthy, care it for pretty houseplants. With easy maintain, looks How To Care For Your Peace Lily | Grow At Home. Check it out!

Choose Spot for Peace Lily


Get caution your peace lily with the spot placing at home. Peace lily are native to hot, moist, and shady tropical rainforests. You can put the peace lily under a window in a warm room at your house.

Get the Water Sufficient


Nutrients that plants need can help the plants grow well. As the one of plant nutrients, water can make the plant grow better even in outdoor. Give peace lily water in attentively to grow well and keep fresh the plants.

Mist Leaves Several Times A Week with Spray Bottle


Thrives in high humidity, peace lily can maintain with addition to watering the soil. Make watering in regularly, mist with spray bottle to replicate the humid air of the rainforest. You can mist the plants more frequently at summer growing season.

Trim Any Unhealthy Leaves From Your Peace Lily


You don't need to prune the peace lily very frequently like other plants. Just prune the leaves while it become brown or wilted. So, it can keep the plant from wasting energy on the dying appendage.

Do Cautiously for Fertilizing the Peace Lily


Besides watering and indirect sunlight, you need other maintenance like fertilizing for your plants. Use a standard 20-20-20 houseplant fertilizer at one half or one quarter its recommended strength about once per month in the spring and summer, when the plant's growth is most active.

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