How to Beautify Your Yard with Garden Decor -- There are many ways to beautify your garden, either in front or in the backyard. You just need to make or add garden decorations that suits your taste and need, and voila, your garden will look amazing than before. Here, we've gathered some ideas and pictures to optimize your yard as a beautiful garden. Just keep reading on How to Beautify Your Yard with Garden Decor.

Start by choosing a garden concept


Think about how your garden will look. If you want to make a garden in the front yard, you can first think about access road to the front door. Then, make some shapes into special spots, for example a seat surrounded by shrubs. Add decor in the form of exterior lights with the dim light that highlight the plants and illuminate the seating area.

Add garden fountain


Adding the water element will certainly make the garden in the yard two times fresher. The sound and visuals of falling water can make you feel calm and relaxed. You can buy a ready-made fountain garden like this one. This fountain garden is made of polystone materials with  a jar-step shape that gives a clear falling water effect.

Make wall paint accents for garden decoration


If the garden is directly adjacent to the exterior wall, make an accent wall with a paint color. Form a curved line at the end with an orange color that reminds you of a beautiful sunset. This wall accent will make the wall not stiff and plain. The wall accent can also be a stunning background for garden seating.

Dress up your pergola


Already made a pergola? Don't let the garden pergola look empty! You can add fun features such as a swing bench to the pergola. Dress up the pergola with vines, which can provide shade for the pergola. The pergola will also look beautiful with the low flowers blooming around the pergola.

Use garden rocks


The rocks add a texture. With a rough surface, rocks can bring a unique dimension to a garden. You can apply rocks as garden decorations. For example, by spreading them between the plant and garden decking, like this one. The white rocks used also add a nice contrast, which makes the garden brighter and more natural.

Plant a tree as investment


Trees, think of them as decorations as well as garden dwellers. Try to plant a tree in the garden. Trees will provide a shade and refreshing atmosphere. Not to mention, trees that grow well can also add propertyy value to your home. Find trees that can increase the value of your garden and home here!

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