Easy Tricks for Propagating Peace Lilies at Home

Homiful.com -- Who doesn't know the peace lily plant? With dark green leaves and white flowers, this is a beautiful plant with great benefits. This plant can improve the air quality at home. Peace lily will make any room look so lovely.  Peace lilies are also a nice plant to send to mourners. Because, the white flowers symbolize innocence and birth.

Through propagation, one peace lily plant can become many. Don't get confused to get started, we've prepared some Easy Tricks for Propagating Peace Lilies at Home.

Best time for propagation


You should know peace lilies are propagated not through cuttings, like most plants. This lovely plant is propagated by division. Then, you must know the best time for peace lily propagation. Because the difference in region and season will affect the life of new plants from propagation. 

If you live in a cold region, summer or spring is the best time for propagating peace lilies. These two seasons have conditions that the peace lily prefers. Meanwhile, if you live in a warm tropical zone, you can do it anytime without any issues. 

Pick mature peace lily


Peace lilies can be propagated by division. Make sure to choose a healthy and mature peace lily plant. At least, the plant appears to have one large clump of stems, surrounded by smaller clumps. Before dividing the clumps, you can water the plant for an hour or two. 

Dividing the plant


Gently remove the plant from the pot. Pulling hard will damage the roots of the peace lily plant. You can use a tap-shake method to get it out of the pot. Then, use a clean and sanitized knife or scissors to cut the rootball and make sections. Separate the clump from the mother plant (where the roots are more mature and the part that flowered last). Cut and separate slowly. Some can be separated by hand. 


Just make sure there are parts of the roots attached to the clumps that are separated. 

Potting your new peace lily


After you separate the peace lily as many as you want, you should put it in the pot. Plant them in well-draining and fresh potting mix soil. Plant upright and be sure to choose a pot that has drainage holes. 

You may notice that your new peace lily plant showing drooping leaves after repotting. This is a transplant shock condition, and it will improve as the plant get used to its new pot. 

Taking care 


After the separation and potting process, you must give care as you would take care of a peace lily normally. Water the plant once a week and make sure water can drain from the drainage holes of the pot, so there is no buildup of water.  Use a spray bottle to mist the leaves, occasionally. Place it in a place with bright, indirect light. 

Grow it in water


Peace lily plants can also be grown in water. This plant will look so stunning in a transparent vessel filled with clear water. Use distilled water for that. Change the water once every 4-6 days. Add a small amount of liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks. And place it in a place with lots of indirect light to make it grow happily. 

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