Discover Easy and Popular Plant at Home


Discover Easy and Popular Plant at Home --  The beauty of houseplants placed into the house can have a great influence on the owner. Besides being able to improve mood and increase peace of mind, plants are very meaningful to be ornamental in the house. Even though you only have a small room, you can arrange the plant arrangement neatly and present a natural concept. Some types of plants that are easy and popular are on the following list:

Spider Plant

Spider plant is a hanging plant that is best placed indoors. Cultivars with a white stripe on each of these leaves have easy maintenance as well. With low-moisture and dry soil conditions, you can cut off leaves that have been damaged.

Pakis Boston

Boston fern is a tropical plant that is used as an indoor ornamental plant. This hardy plant loves high humidity, so you can treat it with certainty about its watering.


One of the ornamental plants that is often chosen is Monstera to beautify a room with a high selling value. This plant is popular because of its finger-like leaves and is a tropical forest plant that likes moisture.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are almost often beautiful plants in the house that have the easiest care and can tolerate all conditions well. These sword-shaped leaves with green and white colors are perfect for beginners.

Pothos plant

The next is a pothos plant that can be treated as an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant. Plants that provide this shady feel are usually chosen as leafy plants. Choose varieties that naturally form giant leaves' ad grow them as hanging plants or vines on trees.

ZZ Plant

Known as ZZ plant that require little water. You don't need to water it at close range. Plants thrive in bright light, as well as direct sunlight. This plant is very suitable to be a houseplant or office desk.


Limited land in the room does not limit you in being creative about ornamental plants. You can choose the type of hanging plant, the type of succulent, which can be the main choice. Such as donkey tail, Sedum burito and others. Place it on the windowsill to get indirect sunlight.

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