Discover 7 Plants that Smell Best at Night

Discover 7 Plants that Smell Best at Night -- Enjoying the atmosphere at night during summer is one of the warm activities that can be done outside the home. By inhaling the aroma of flowers that make the mind calmer, you can see some lists of plants that have a fragrant aroma with a beautiful revolution at night. You can plant it on the terrace, garden or bring it into the house in the bedroom. See the 7 lists in the review below:




It's no secret that jasmine flowers are night flowers that have a fragrant and aroma.  This vine plant thrives on the ground with regular irradiation. White, yellow and pink flowers are often used as natural perfumes.



A plant originating from southern Chine, this India is a tropical with wax leaves that are often referred to as wax plants. Growing vines and woody, this plant is very fittings so that the yard plants, terrace and also the interior of the house. A very strong aroma will be felt at night.



This tropical plant native to the Americas grows as a small tree in a warm climate. Beautiful flowers ranging from white to yellow, pink and quite variegated have a sweet aroma and will peacock in spring to autumn.



Next is gardenia which has white petals known for bright leaves and a strong aroma. This plant is good to grow in the house. Yard or with an elevated bed. Thrives with partial shade or in full sun.

Casa Blanca Lily


This Asian lily plant is better planted in spring or autumn, which will bloom in the months of August and September. This plant is identical to tubers that love planting in containers. Casa Blanca with a sweet aroma has white blooming petals can be bedmate in the house.

Mirabilis Jalapa


Mirabilis Jalapa is a plant that comes from Peru and is a yard plant that will bloom at noon. Beautiful colors ranging from white, yellow, red, purple and pink will be more fragrant in the afternoon to early morning.



Brugmanisa is a plant that thrives in the sun or in the shade. Trumpet flowers white, red easily, yellow color you can plan tin the shade or in a container. The scent that smells at night is one of the scent of trumpets.

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