Common Peace Lily Problems and Fix Them

Common Peace Lily Problem and Fix Them -- Lilies are beautiful and magnificent ornamental plants known as fertile plants, growing both indoors and in the shade. The plant is very popular due to its fresh green leaves, soft white flowers and relaxed care. There are several reasons when growing peace lily that cannot grow well and fertile as usual. But you can improve this plant by listening to the following reviews:

Wrong watering


This tropical plant loves a lot of water and a little moisture. But is doing not rule out the possibility that when too much water, this plant will instead be overwatering and can cause rotten roots. You can mark the yellow leaves in this plant due to lack of water.

As a solution, you can water the lilies plants you can pay attention to regular watering by using sufficient drainage. Be sure to make the remaining water that is around the pot, especially when placed on the plate of the pot.

Water quality


It is not how much water the lilies receive for their growth process. But how the quality of water is used. Like tap water that can cause the leaves to turn yellow. As a solution, you can water lilies with purified water that has been filtered or with rainwater.



Lighting is one of the main causes that can make lilies turn yellow. Too intense light can make the leaves of the plant change and burn. To solve this problem, you can put lilies near the east-facing window or in a room with indirect lighting.

Temperature fluctuations


The extreme temperature will make stress plants and leaves turn yellow. Below-average temperatures will cause yellowing and have other negative effects that make the plant wither. How to deal with the temperature in lilies, you can use a thermometer placed next to the plant to show the right temperature.

Improper nutrition


Although this plant tends to have easy care, many people ignore its growth and nutritional processes. Fertilizer administration is also very influential on the transformation of plants ranging from leaf size, flowering and repotting process. As a solution, you can bother to start the growth of new plants by paying attention to the quality of pots that are the main cause of the presence or absence of nutrients obtained in plants.

Pests and diseases


Pest that often interfere with this plant are aphids. White lice, the small insect that trigger the main stress of plants to turn yellowing.
To think about the changes, you can simply squirt some and need oil on it to get off any infested fleas.

Growth age


Marked by yellowing of the leaves, the plant will grow old dry and eventually fall off. This is the cause of the age of the plant is old and starts to grow a new one. There is no cure for old plants. You simply prune the leaves that have turned yellow and wait for the plant to drop the leaves naturally.

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