Beautiful Colocasia to Grow At Home -- Colocasia is a beautiful species and is widely grown in gardens in large numbers. However, you can also grow them indoors with certain care. For some types that you can treat at home, see the following reviews about Beautiful Colocasia to Grow At Home.

Colocasia Coal Miner


This first type of colocasia has the name coal miner, with beautiful-looking leaves. Not only has one color, on the upper surface, it has a deep purple color with a fresh green line. While the bottom has an olive color. You can plant it in the garden or in a pot to make it easier to move.



Colocasia Heterochroma


This plant has a beautiful appearance from its leaves, which have a combination of blackish green color and light green edges that look unique. You can place it on the table to show anyone that you have this beautiful plant.


Colocasia Black Ripple


If you want a dramatic look in your garden or home, you can grow this colocasia black ripple in abundance. This plant is able to grow compactly 3 to 4 feet tall. Plant this black ripple in fertile, moist soil. Do not let the soil dry out so as not to dehydrate it.



Colocasia Esculata Mojito


The next type of colocasia that will give your home a pleasant look is the colocasia esculata mojito. It looks beautiful with green leaves that have black spots, making it unlike most of the plants you have at home. This species likes warm soil with moist air. Make sure you take good care of it.

Colocasia Aloha

This last colocasia has the name aloha, with beautiful dark green leaves that make it look exotic. You can make this plant as a houseplant or garden plant that creates a warm tropical atmosphere. This type can also tolerate humidity from standard to wet, and the tubers can be stored in winter for replanting next year.




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