Bathroom Ideas with Plants -- We could say, the bathroom is the most humid room in the house. For that, the bathroom tends to be good for some houseplants that like humidity. If you are a plant lover, it's not strange to decorate the bathroom with a touch of plants. Plants will help balance the humidity of the bathroom as well as give it a cool look. For you, here are Bathroom Ideas with Plants.

Lush plant for the bathroom


If you really like plants, even the bathroom must have a touch of plants. You can choose lush and dangling plant that can be placed to fill up the vertical space and some part of the sink. Pick the plant that love the high humidity, one of them is fern. Fern tends to live in lower light environment and prefer in these conditions.

Unique container for the plants


There are many ways to dress up the bathroom with plants. You can choose the best place for bathroom plants. For example, choose a pot or container in the shape of a stone-head and a teapot-shape in a pretty color. 

Ivy plant for the bathroom


Need something to fill an empty bathroom wall? Think about choosing an ivy plant. This plant grow long vines that will look good for the vertical space of the bathroom. You can place the plant near the bathroom window for good growth for the ivy plant.

ZZ plant in a jar


You can use the bathroom to propagate cuttings of Zanzibar gem (ZZ) plant. ZZ plant is hardy plant. It can live and grow well in low light condition, even in bathroom without window. The ZZ plant in a transparent jar will give a unique and fresh look into your bathroom.

Stromanthe Magic Star for the bathroom


This exotic plant 'Stromanthe magic star' could be very happy in a bathroom. Stromanthe magic star prefer bright, indirect light. They will thrive in high humidity. This plant has flecks of cream on the green-glossy leaves. This plant also has a purplish color underneath. Make the word beautiful just right for it.

Pink and greenery bathroom


This lovely bathroom even looks better with greenery on it. Not too many plants are placed, so as not to cover the beautiful pink and green colors on the walls, as well as the decorations that have been installed. Even so, plant that are easy to care for, such as monstera, spider plant and pothos are good enough to beautify the bathroom.

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