8 Reasons You Need a Peace Lily Plant In Your Home

Homiful.com -- Peace lily is one of the best plants that can filter the air in the room. This plant known by the Botanical name Spathyphyllum. There are many reasons why Peace lily loved by many plant lovers. They have a characteristic white flower that can decorate your room. The presence of plants in he room can create a home atmosphere like a return to nature.
Are you interested in growing peace lily at home? We've compiled 8 reasons you need a peace lily plant in your home!

1. Can purify the air in the room


Peace lily is one of the best indoor plants that can purify the air. That the air in the room will feel healthier. Some of the harmful substances that can be absorbed by by Peace lily are formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and others.

2. Peace lily will beauty your room


Peace lily has the characteristic of elegant white flowers. No wonder so many people fall in love with them. And often used as a decoration of the room. You can put Peace lily on a beautiful standing pot.

3. Peace lily has easy care


Another reason why Peace lily, much loved nd popular, hey have low maintenance, suitable for you novice gardeners. Peace lily can survive, even in low light. But for occasionally you can put it by the window to grow healthy.

4. Peace lily can make sleep sound


In addition to the living room, we recommend putting Peace lily In the bedroom. Peace lily can purify the air in the bedroom. That your sleep will also be better You can put them on a wicker basket to beautify the look.

5. Peace lily can absorb mold spores


The criteria for healthy home, is not damp. Because, a damp house will make you and your family uncomfortable.
The reason why you need peace lily at home, they can absorb mold spores. That way, Peace lily will help you reduce the causes of unhealthy home environments.

6. Peace lily can absorb Aceton vapor


 Another Peace lily ability that you should not miss. They can absorb acetone vapor and alcohol. Some of these substances often found in nail removal fluids and coating paints or varnish. The presence of Peace lily in the room will help the balance of the air.

7. Peace lily in the bathroom


The existence of Peace lily in the bathroom you can use as decoration to beautify the room. At the same time, it can reduce the humidity of the air in the bathroom. That way, the activity in the bathroom will run more homey.

8. Peace lily brings good luck


Peace lily is one of the houseplants that can bring good luck. According to fengshui Peace lily can balance the energy at home. It is suitable to grow in your home.

That's review 8 reasons you need a peace lily plant in your home. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you.

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