8 Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Perfect Selfie Corner

Homiful.com -- We live in an era where sharing moments is fun. One of the ways to share moments by sharing selfie photos on our social media accounts. You can take selfies anywhere. However, it would be great if you have a selfie corner that looks good and Instagrammable. Luckily, you can use your backyard to be the perfect selfie corner. Need some ideas? Keep reading for 8 Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Perfect Selfie Corner.

Dazzling pergola


Pergola and its charm. Can you imagine this pergola will become the perfect selfie corner in your backyard? Photographing the moment here will certainly make your social media feed more interesting. At first glance, the design of this pergola is not too complicated. You only need to provide a wooden pole and roof frame, then make the roof more aesthetic with the artificial vines and string lights that will make the atmosphere more romantic and produce good selfies. 

Gorgeous patio corner


Enjoying the sunshine here, while taking a selfie, can certainly be done in the backyard with a terrace like this. Paint the decking with a new color for the new look. Install a couple of white and elegant screen behind the couch and swing. In addition to a screen with beautiful carvings, you can also put a gorgeous swing here. This place will be a great selfie corner that is also a cool place to relax with family. 

Fresh backyard for natural selfie


For those of you who want a more natural selfie corner, consider making a backyard landscaping like this one. You can make a flower container garden. A variety of colorful flowers will provide natural beauty. Moreover, if the backyard also has a pool of fresh water. Taking a couple of selfies here can certainly channel fresh energy to anyone who sees it. 

Simple but unique selfie corner 


Selfie corner that is safe from rain and heat, why not? You can make the backyard corner that shaded by the roof. Enliven the walls by installing green grass-like wall panels and a combination of natural wood planks. Provide an outdoor egg chair as a place to take nice pictures in this kind of selfie corner.

Dreamy Morocco


Present something thematic and make you not bored taking selfies in your backyard. You can take the Dreamy Morocco theme like this one. With clay pink terracotta walls that give a Morocco vibe. Adding a bold plants, such as a cactus and calathea lutea will make it look like a delightful oasis. Add a swing to take beautiful selfies while swinging. 

Magical and stunning selfie corner


Create a cozy, fun space in the corner of a backyard garden. Then, bring something worth to post on your social media accounts. For example, adding decorative lights to the leaf branches, which makes the tree look shiny at dusk. Additionally, providing more seating will allow you to enjoy a balmy summer evening sitting with friends and family.

Add a charmer color to your corner


The perfect selfie corner can be different for everyone. If you like something eye-catching any time of the day, add something slick. You can put up an ethnic parasol in pink and a simple garden with purple flowers. Seating in red will also add to the beauty and excitement of the selfie corner. 

Simple but cozy backyard corner


This backyard corner can recharge the energy of the lamp. A white brick type wall with black contrast will be a beautiful photo background for your selfie. The dim lights give such a holiday vibe into this corner. 

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