7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Homiful.com -- Plants are indeed one of the affordable home decorations. Plants are also a great decoration for any home style. From natural modern style, rustic to Bohemian house. The presence of plants will provide the same freshness, wherever you put them. If you like to decorate your living space with plants, here are 7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants.

Plants in the bedroom


Putting the plants in your bedroom give so many benefits. It can boost your mood, filter air pollutants and help you to feel calm. Place the bedroom plant in the space that they like the most. One of them is to arrange the plants along the bedroom window for the indoor plants that love bright, indirect light.

Get a nice background


In the house, usually you will arrange indoor plants on shelves or cabinet surfaces. The arrangement of plants that are close to the wall will look better with a nice background. You can add shapes and colors as pretty as the image above for the back wall. A nice background like this one blend beautifully with the surrounding greenery. 

Stunning vertical garden


Make the most of the empty walls to make a stunning vertical garden. You can pick the vines such as golden pothos or English ivy plants that can grow dangling beautifully like this one above. If the foliage grows too thick, trim it regularly to keep the vertical garden well-maintained.

Putting the lights


Make the plant spot look shiny at night. You can add string lights that look beautiful framing the wooden plant rack. Choose one with a dim light for a warm and romantic atmosphere. Make sure the lights are not too close to the plants so as not to burn them. 

Large plant for big statement


Now and then, you can play with the size of your plant selection. Make a big statement in your living space by choosing a large plant. Large plants will be a fresh focal point in your room. Pick a large plant such as fiddle-leaf fig or ficus lyrata.

Desert plant for easy care


Choose plants that match your character. If you tend to forget routine maintenance, choose the types of plants that are very easy to care for, some of which are cacti and snake plants. These two plants don't die easily, even if you forget to water and give them fertilizer. 

Hang some plants


The last way to decorate your home with plant is to hang some of them. There are some plants that are more suitable to be hung than placed on the floor. For example, fern plants, spider plants, tradescantia and so on. They will perfectly fill empty vertical spaces. 

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