7 Types of Monstera to Grow

7 Types of Monstera to Grow

Homiful.com -- Monstera plants unwittingly have quite a lot of types that you can choose a few to add to the completeness of the collection at home. Not only popular because of its beautiful and unique leaves, this plant is also very suitable for beginners, lovers of ornamental plants. And we've complied some of his lists in the following reviews.

Monstera Adansoni


Like the monstera deliciosa, this monstera adansoni also grows beautifully with hollow leaves like Swiss cheese. Plants that have very easy care of this grow well in indirect sunlight. It grows 3 to 5 feet tall and grows creeping.

Monstera Esqueleto


Monstera esqueleto looks similar to the epipremnoides variety, which has large graying leaves. The shape of oval leaves with this delicate makeup if often compared. The shiny color of the leaves is what makes this plant loved by many people, with relatively easy care ass long  as it is not famous for excessive sunlight.

Monstera Pinnatipartita


The following variety of monsters is famous for its rough and wavy leaf shape. This plant has a long stem and droops heavier than other plants, Oval leaves shape the liver and tend to be thicker, can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Monstera Siltepecana


It is one of the most interesting and elegant types. Dense leaves of different sizes looks like a beautiful cascading effect. Its care that needs to be considered like other plants, with maximum fertilizers and water is not excessive.

Mosntera Thai Constellation


This constellation of monstera Thailand has an oval leaf shape and has two different colors on the inside. This discoloration in the leaves is called variegation and occurs due to lack of chlorophyll production. The plant is interesting because of its beautiful appearance, with bright green leaves add green creamy varieties.

Monstera deliciosa Albo Variegata


Monstera deliciosa comes from a tropical forest that has a common appearance with leaves full o holes. Care to note, this plant is good with peat soil mixture at pH from 5.5 to 6. With white-mixed leave that make it transplanted into a type of variegate.

Monstera Borsigiana


Monstera borsigiana is a rare type of monstera and is a smaller variety than others. The plant grows green and is about 4 feel tall and has an impressive growth rate. Becomes an easy plant to propagate due to its easy care.

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