7 Stunning Peperomia Varieties You Will Love

Homiful.com -- Peperomia is one of the ornamental plants that is in great demand because of its relatively easy maintenance and the many types that can be chosen as collections or as home decorations. Most of this type of Peperomia have thick leaves with a soft texture. Several types of Peperomia that you can have at home will be explained in the following review regarding 7 Stunning Peperomia Varieties You Will Love.



Peperomia Argyreia


This first type of Peperomia has the popular name Peperomia watermelon. This is not without reason, considering the appearance of the leaves, which have a pattern resembling a watermelon rind with silver lines. Like most Peperomia leaves, its shape has a wider heart shape than other types of Peperomia.



Peperomia Obtusifolia


Has a heart leaf shape similar to Peperomia watermelon, this type has green leaves that are all over with a thick green appearance that sparkles like a succulent. This species can grow up to 30 cm and loves the sun to maintain the beauty of its leaves.


Peperomia Prostrata


This type is also one of the most popular among hanging plants. Thick stems and leaves make the main attraction for anyone who sees it. The leaves also have a pattern that resembles a turtle shell. You can hang it on the terrace or indoors.


Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’


This type of Peperomia has spear-shaped leaves that are pointed with a dark green color on the upper surface, while the underside has a dark red color. This plant can grow in natural light indoors, but if you want flowers from it, get at least 11 hours of light.


Emerald Ripple Peperomia


Different from other types of Peperomia which have smooth and shiny leaves, this type of Peperomia has wrinkled leaves with a unique color. This plant is also one of the ideal types to be used as room decorations and can grow up to 45 cm depending on the location and care.



Peperomia Puteolata


Peperomia puteolate has dark green leaves with light green hues that look like watermelon rind at a glance. Different from Peperomia watermelon, this type has pointed leaves and young leaves that are brownish red. You have to pay attention to the lighting of this plant, because intense direct sunlight will make it easy to dry and fall off.



Peperomia tetraphylla 'Hope'


This last type has a beautiful appearance that is suitable as a hanging plant. Its long stems are followed by thick leaves. You can place it on the wall of the workspace because its small size also has slow growth, so it will not interfere with your area significantly.




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