7 Simple Small Garden Ideas

7 Simple Small Garden Ideas 

Homiful.com -- Home garden can give the impression of relief, gloomy atmosphere to boring circumstances that turn out to be more pleasant. It doesn't matter if you have a small garden size, as long as it is made with beautiful ideas, stylish and simple looks, see the following ideas:

Small garden with natural rocks


Empty land to make this home garden will provide a beautiful outdoors decoration effect. Filled with natural rocks and ornamental plants, you can add perfect lighting for lighting at night.

Simple terrace garden in front of the house


The front of the house that is left empty will make the house look boring. Then you can make a small garden that for example you can decorate with a variety of additional accessories and also a special area for a relaxing place.

Change the arrangement of landscaping in a small garden at home


If you have several plants in the pot, you can make the pot order neatly and more interesting. Such as by adding a plant bed until the shades are open.

Arrange a small garden arrangement with beautiful scenery


Outdoor areas located on both sides of the residence can be used as a home garden with a combination of complete natural elements. Fill with rocks as a cover of land to fit in the middle of the room.

Small garden with corner plants


You can make a small garden in the corner of the house to look new and more refreshing residence. Plant in the outer corner of the room with neatly arranged pot arrangement and easier to care for. So that plants you can choose with new variations.

Small garden with good view


The following small garden ideas you can tolerate its attachment outdoors. With a small size, you can build a plant that can be decorated with vines and dangle down.

Rearrange the small garden with pots


Build a small garden at home with a neatly pleasant design that looks beautiful with a special performance. Most of the land protected with natural rocks, you can fill it with colorful and dominating potted plants.

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