7 Plants that Tolerant Thrives in Hot Weather

7 Plants that Tolerant Thrives in Hot Weather

Homiful.com -- Not all resilient plants are under the heat of the sun for every day. Sometimes that has passed, facing the summer needs a supply of fresh energy in the surrounding environment with the presence of ornamental plants that can grow for a long time outdoors and take months to make it last. 7 List of these plants you can choose to fill the home garden easily, you can determine the plants yourself.




This large-bordered flower plant has a beautiful shape. It is also called a desert flower because it comes from dry areas. So this plant is very suitable if it is planted on dry rather than wet areas.



Next is the balsabenia flower plant, which is a houseplant with easy care. Plants can grow either in full sun or shade, this can be easily obtained. This evergreen flower plants is very suitable for the garden or in the house.



This type of flowering succulent is lobivia which is a large genus of cactus native to South America. Sometimes this plant is also known as hedgehog cactus, sea urchin cactus and Easter lily cactus. Although prickly, this plant has beautiful flowers with a pink hue and a large crown. Place it in a dry area to keep it growing and blooming naturally.



The following heat-resistant paper flowers plant have quite a lot of types. Tree flower plants that can grow up to several meters can last a long time even without regular watering.



Flowers that are popular as air purifiers are very popular in various circles. Flowers plants that are easy to grow in this yard do not need too difficult care, but with the right care this plant thrives despite being under the full sun heat.



The berry flower plant that easily grows under the heat of the sun is petunia. Flowers that resemble this trumpet can make the dwelling more lively. This plant is well grown in all weathers, even the heat of the sun. There is no doubt that this plant is for growing in the yard of a house with full sun.

Sunny flower


The last flowers that looks like e sunflower has a smaller size. Petals that are almost like chrysanthemums also look attractive and easy to grow in the yard of the house. Plants that are resistant to the sun's heat still need to pay attention to the intake of water and fertilizer.

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