7 Plant with Yellow Accent for the Happiest Garden

Homiful.com -- You must have often seen green leafy plants. Have also seen a plant with black or purple leaves. However, have you ever seen a plant with yellow leaves? Yellow leaf plants are not always sick or old, some of  these plants stay healthy with a natural yellow color on their leaves. A splash of yellow on the plant will give a bright and playful look, wherever you put it. Keep reading for 7 Plant with Yellow Accent for the Happiest Garden.

1. Yellow mimosa plant


Yellow mimosa plant is a little evergreen tree that grows fast. It has green ferny leaves with yellow tiny fluffy flowers. This plant can also bloom in winter. Make you instantly happy in gray winter days. Wherever you place it, the yellow mimosa (Acacia dealbata) will brighten up the atmosphere.

2. Tradescantia spathacea 'Vittata' (Variegated Boat Lily_


You may know this plant as Moses-in-the-cradle. Most have leaves in purplish colors, but there are also those that have a bright and dominant yellow color with green stripes on the leaves and vivid purple on the underside. It has waxy and fleshy texture. This shimmery plant is also a fast grower plant, grow it in semi-shade or full sun with moderate water.

3. Philodendron Painted Lady


Philodendron Painted Lady is an exotic rare plant. This plant is so tempting with the bright neon yellow-green color on its leaves. This desirable plant grows happily on moist potting mix with well-draining. The philodendron painted lady thrive in lots of bright, indirect light.

4. Philodendron Billietiae Variegata


The Philodendron variegata plant is indeed special. It can offer the beauty of green foliage with strikingly beautiful yellow patches. With the exoticism of its leaves, don't be surprised if this plant has a fantastic price. The price can reach up to $1534,13 for one shoot with one leaf.

5. Sansevieria Star Canary


Sansevieria star canary is famous as a succulent cultivar with leaves in fiery yellow color. As they mature, the green color of the leaves will appear as a backdrop for more unique foliage. Never over-watering the plant as it will lead to fungal root rot. Place them in a spot with bright, indirect light.

6. Coleus plant


No one can resist the beauty of the coleus plant. They are very beautiful in their shape and unique bright colors. A neon yellow-green color with a splash of purplish, giving it a stunning look. Coleus plants are also very easy to care for. You can put it as an indoor plant to brighten up your room.

7. Agave


Need hardy plants to fill the garden? Pick the agave plant for it. This plant is a type of succulent plant that can grow large. The look with green leaves and bright yellow edges makes the garden so unique and lively. This plant is resistant to full sunlight all day long, perfect for outdoor plants.


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