7 Most Popular Houseplants (with Low Maintenance)

Homiful.com -- If you intend to add to your collection of houseplants, consider having 7 of these most favorite plants. The 7 plants that we will discuss have their own-uniqueness and are of course easy for you to care for, because they are low maintenance plants. These plants are so popular thanks to their attractive pattern and leaf shape that can be a focal point in your home. 

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Fittonia has tiny little leaves with striking patterns that make you fall in love with. Some call this plant a nerve plant. How to care for Fittonia is quite-easy. Fittonia prefers low light and does not dazzle. It also likes moist soil. You should water it when the surface of the soil begins to dry, but make sure the soil is not wet or too muddy. This plant also likes moist air, and its leaves look more stunning in air with high humidity. 

Baby's Tears Plant


Another small plant with cute little leaves. Don't be hesitated to buy a small plant! Unlike the name, this plant is not so drama queen when it comes to care. Baby Tears plant love bright, indirect light condition. The plant hate direct sun as it will burn its tiny leaves. Keep it in the moist soil, but never soggy. Too wet soil will make the thin-fragile stems to die. Feed the Baby Tear plant every two weeks, when the plant is actively growing in the spring and summer. 

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo is the most popular plant among the plant that are considered to bring good luck. As the name implies, this plant can bring positive things to the house, such as fresher air and making your corner more beautiful. This plant can live in water without soil media, though. 

Sansevieria hahnii


Sanseviera, you must have heard of this plant a lot. Sansevieria hahnii will amaze you with its-unique color with yellowish green gradations. The shape of the low and hard  leaves, that look beautifully twisted, gives a simple and lively impression. Sansevieria hahnii has a simple growing media composition, easy to care for with sufficient sunlight and water. Fertilize it once a month to make it easy to breed.

Aglonema 'Suksom'


Move to the plant with exotic red leaf. Pick an aglaonema suksom to your collection. Aglaonema suksom has dazzling red leaves with greenish edges. This plant doesn't always need natural light to thrive. You can put it in a living space with grow light or fluorescent lighting. You can water it regularly just to make sure the soil evenly moist. Water it once every few weeks is also no big problem. 

Syngonium albo variegata


Syngonium or arrowhead plant has arrow-shaped leaves with white variegate that look strikingly beautiful. The plant is relatively easy to care for and grow so quickly in good care. This plant likes watering when the soil begins to dry out. Arrowhead plants prefer moist, but not muddy soil. Place them in low or medium light spot, but not direct sun. 

Alocasia Frydek


Alocasia Frydek is quite a sought after plant for this year. This plant is so stunning, with a leaf shape that is almost similar to syngonium. However, alocasia frydek has a deep green leaf and leaf veins that are sharper and firmer than the arrowhead plants. Provide it bright indirect light with high humidity to keep the plant happy.

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