7 Ingeniously Creative DIY Wine Barrel Ideas For Garden

Homiful.com -- Have an unused wine barrel at home? You can make it a useful garden element. Wine barrels can be anything you need. Let's say garden chairs, tables to planters for your container garden. See more inspiration in 7 Ingeniously Creative DIY Wine Barrel Ideas For Garden

Fun spilled flower with wine barrel


Spilled flower pot is a fun and unique trend, there are easy to use in any garden. Instead of using a pot, you can use a wine barrel that seems to spill like this. Wine barrels with the spilled flower concept are so easy for you to apply. All you have to do is place the used wine barrel and spread out for beautiful, colorful flowers to grow. 

Creative container garden with wine barrel

Avan Gardening

Make a whimsical container garden with creative DIY wine barrel. Here, you can plant and grow plant gardens, such as succulents, ivy, morning glory flowers, and more. Green leaves with colorful blooming flowers make this container garden so beautiful. Add classic lantern decorations that make this wine barrel container garden look more classy.

Wine barrel as a lamppost support

Fiddle Leaf Interiors, LLC

The garden will feel cozier at night by adding string lights around the garden seating. You can add a special buffer to connect one string to another string of lights. Plant the support in the wine barrel so that it stands firm. This wine barrel is also filled with beautiful flowers.

Bench wine barrel


The used wine barrel can be more useful than you think. It's a great idea to creatively make a bench from the wine barrel. This wine barrel bench is perfect for those of you who like the rustic atmosphere around the garden.

Wine barrel as planters


Generally, wine barrels are made of wood. Wood is an element that can be used as a planter or pot for plants. Soil can be kept loose and fertile with wine barrel as planters. That way, the plants will grow healthy and lush, even though they are planted in wine barrels like this.

Another creative container gardening of wine barrel


Another creative idea is to use a wine barrel as a container garden. This one is simpler. You can plant low-growing succulent plants. Succulent is a great plant option for outdoor and any backyard. Then, plant one greenery as a center so that this container or wine barrel looks so fresh.

Wine barrel as table stand


Give your garden some flexibility. For example, in terms of choosing a table design. Instead of using a ready-made table in usual design, you can DIY a table from wine barrel. Wine barrel to support the table surface. The wooden planks used are large enough to make it a bar table in the garden. 

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