7 Indoor Hanging Plants that Will Liven Up Your Home


7 Indoor Hanging Plants that Will Liven Up Your Home

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants are the best way to bring the interior of the house to be more natural with a new style using hanging pots and choosing leaf plants that can fill a small corner in the house. Insert hanging ornamental plants into the house need to choose plants whose care is easy, with some care guidelines that need to be considered. As an inspiration, check out the 7 list of hanging plants below:

Lepismium Bolivianum


This strange-looking cactus without a spine has leaves and stems that decompose down to the flesh and has easy red flowers that appear along the stem. This plant hates moisture, so there is no need to spray it too much.

Spider Plant


Spider plants are the easiest household plants to care for and grow. Plants that cannot be doubted their strength, even when you forget the time to water them. Survive in shade or under the light of the eyes, this plant loves enough water with a characteristics leaf shape.

Pedilanthus Curly Pink


Next is a pink curly hanging plant that can grow in partial shade with little watering. Curly leaves with a slightly wavy shape have a sturdy and have a white sap when cut.



The next flowering plant is a petunia that can physically grow to a height of about 16 -30 cm. This plant flower is quite varied, you can choose at will to be used as an ornamental hanging plant in the room. There are flowers with a single crown, there are also double crowns.

Tradescantia Tricolor


Beautiful plants with the hue of this purplish leaf are types of Tradescantia tricolor, with a leaf color that is not only dominant purple. It grows hanging and is very beautiful to have flowers. The treatment does not require much effort, place it in a well-lit area and give regular watering in the summer.

String of Banana


The type of succulents is very much and can be a choice of indoors plants that are easy to care for. The type may be quite famous, this string of bananas has thick leaves such as bananas that cluster and thrive into hanging plants for the room or terrace of the house.

Lew Kwan Yew


The last is a hanging plant that grows creeping, usually so that the fence plant at home. But some other easy ways you can use a hanging plant in the room that is easy to grow even with low light.

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