7 Ideas Balcony Design, Relax Natural

Helloshabby.com -- Whatever the size, you can turn an ordinary balcony into a cool place to hangout and relax at home. Make it like a garden or apply a certain style theme you like for your balcony. It's not always expensive, just take advantage of existing items and furniture that you have to dress up the balcony. For more ideas, here are 7 Ideas Balcony Design, Relax Natural.

Summer balcony design


When summer comes, the balcony can be a place to relax outside and wait the sun to set. Keep it from getting too hot, by making the balcony to be surrounded by bamboo slats and potted plants. The summer vibe will be felt by using bright colors on the soft furnishings. Thus, enjoy you can enjoy the summer evening in this balcony.

Nordic style balcony


If you like a simple balcony, but it feels cozy, then a Nordic-style balcony is the right choice. Focus on seating options that allows you sit as comfortably as possible. The addition of a parasol will also make the balcony more shady and stylish. 

Balcony as a private flower garden


No matter how small it is, a balcony can be a beautiful private flower garden. This is a great place to care for and grow flowers in containers that love full sun. Flowers such as, geraniums, fuchsia, and others will give color to the beauty of the balcony. You just need to provide a chair and a table to sit back and enjoy the flower and breeze. 

Add dim light


Lucky if you have a balcony overlooking the city view. You can also enjoy the city night view on the balcony. Make the night atmosphere on the balcony more serene by installing unique lighting. For example, hanging string lights in the shape of stars that seem to shine beautifully at night. 

Cool black balcony


The black color gives the impression of being mysterious and cool. This color also looks great as a balcony theme. Color applications can be in the form of wall panels, seats, shelves to balcony floor. Add contrast to balance the balcony's look, such as choosing seat cushions in bright white and brown. 

Boho-style balcony


Boho or Bohemian style is a free style. Adding a variety of ethnic decorations on the balcony wall is one of the great way to do it. The appearance of the balcony is bustling and has strong character,  but still comfortable and inviting. 

Seasonal balcony decor


Make sure the decoration and balcony design match the climate or season in which you live. Winter or windy will be perfect if you fill the balcony with more throw piles, or cover the floor with special rug. If you want to be fresher, bring green plants that can live even in cold weather. 

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