7 Houseplants for Low Light


7 Houseplants for Low  Light

Homiful.com -- Low light conditions will be the main challenge for lovers of indoor ornamental plants. However, you do not need to worry about choosing ornamental plants well that fit in a room with low light. Some species that can thrive with indoors with the following low light:

Spider plant 


Spider plants are the most adaptable and also growing ornamental plants. Even in a room with dim light, this plant can be grown as a hanging plant for air purifiers in the room. This plant lasts a long time when the light is lacking, including the light of the lamp.

Prayer plant


The type of calathea that can grow indoors with low light is this prayer plant. Tropical plants with beautiful grow three beautiful leaves that are tangling will provide regular warmth and moisture. Your proper light arrangement makes it grow ideally and develop better.

Snake plant


Net is the snake plant which is one of the best plants can grow indoors with very low light conditions. Planting air purifiers with the easiest care requires only a few watering times for each week. With a long leaf shape like a spear, this plant is also often called tounge-in-law.

Maidenhair fern


This type of fern has smooth fan-shaped leaves and clustered on a dark stem. Plants that are easy to grow in low light are perfect for rooms in the house. With the right humidity, this plant will develop better as well as a warm environment.

Lucky bamboo


Plants that grow well indoors there are lucky bamboo that can be found in various rooms, especially offices and homes. This bamboo plant is believed to bring good luck, especially when gives for gifts. Even with low light, this plant can thrive in areas that are completely dampened.

ZZ plant


With easy maintenance and technically able to survive in a low-light room, this ZZ plant can be found in many office spaces without windows. Plants that can tolerate this drought can be left well with proper watering.

Monstera Deliciosa


Also known as philodendron, this plant has a distinctive leaf shape with protruding holes. Plants grow naturally in low light conditions and indirectly can't be left for too long under the sun, as it will damage the color of the leaves and burn.

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