7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Doing gardening that are in the room is currently the most desirable thing in popularity. Especially with the stylish design of Instagram, which can be an inspiration for many people. This is one of the main triggers for doing a new trend on social media by uploading ornamental plant post in his house. With this, you unwittingly have one of the benefits about using ornamental plants in the room. Here you can listen to 7 benefits of indoor ornamental plant that you can feet the freshness:

 Improving air quality

7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Homiful.com -- One of the first benefits that you can feel when you have ornamental plants in the room is to have the benefits of absorbing toxins that cause air pollution such as formaldehyde, benzene, Toluene and others. Research also shows that ornamental plants are useful for reducing dust in the room by as much as 20 percent. If you decide to have indoor ornamental plants that will refresh the air naturally include; betel nut, Boston fern, rubber tree, snake plant and spider plant.

Lower the risk of allergies


Next is the benefits of ornamental plants, in addition to reducing dust and increasing air humidity, that can help to lower the risk of recurrence of allergies. Certain plants do not hurt for you to try to put in the house. Which works very well for natural filters and win allergens and other airborne particles.

Can reduce the risk of stress


The presence of ornamental plants in the room will bring a cool and fresh atmosphere and help the mind become more relaxed. Ornamental plants are also believed to calm the mood when looking at it. To take care of ornamental plants can have a positive impact in psychology that reduces stress and anxiety.

Increase focus and concentration


People who have ornamental plants in the house such as in the work area can bring more benefits and can increase productivity while working. Experts say that the benefits of plants in the room can improve memory by 20%, creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%.

Accelerate healing


Another proven benefits that you can feel when you have ornamental plants in the room. It is the potential to speed up the healing process. Green scenery is very good for the period of care after surgery and only requires does of pain relief drugs so that the patient will quickly go home.

Native plants can sharpen attention


Sorry if when using plastic plants it will not help you pass the test. There was a small study involving 23 participants with classroom that used real plants, fakes plant photos or without plants once. Brain scans showed that students who studied with living plants were more concerned and able to correspond compared to others.

Get rid of indoor toxins


Persistent air pollution can increase the risk of various diseases. Such as stroke, ischemic heart, lung cancer to lung infection in children. To overcome this, you can use growth that becomes a natural cleaning and helps get rid of harmful compounds in furniture to clothing. Some recommended plants are snake plants and Chinese Evergreens.

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