7 Gorgeous Gabion Ideas for Backyards

Homiful.com -- Gabion, a wire-work container filled with stone, concrete or other material, it can be used as elements for the garden or backyard. You use a gabion as a fence for the backyard, a gabion basket as a garden decoration and a gabion as a retaining wall. Many things, you can do with gabion. For more ideas, here are 7 Gorgeous Gabion Ideas for Backyards.

Strong gabion walls


Gabion walls can also be considered as a fence for the backyard. The special wire frame is filled with rocks, giving it a strong and natural feel at the same time. Gabion walls also tend to be durable, some can last between 10-75 years with proper care.

Gabion basket for planter


Plants in the backyard garden will appear more unique with a planter or container that supports it. Use gabion baskets to hold plants and flowers together, for a unique and beautiful look like this. You can make more varied shape for a more vibrant garden appearance.

Another basket with beautiful flowers


Another gabion idea to display beautiful plants and flowers. You can arrange the blooming flowers along the top surface of the gabion. Make it tiered like this to allow you to display more plants and flowers.

Gabion idea for water feature


The backyard garden will be fresher with a water feature. Use the gabion idea for that. Make a gabion waterfall. Let the water appear to fall from the gabion. The gabion is even more beautiful with a stretch of rock in a unique shape like this one.

Mini waterfall from the gabion walls


A water pond with rock edges will be more fitting with a gabion wall. This gabion wall is also made to drop water directly into the pond. In such arrangement, it makes the effect of falling water look so dynamic. Add some plants around the water pond to give a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

Gabion Panther


Wire work containers for gabion can be shaped according to your creativity. One of them, making a panther frame. It took 200 kg of stone to fill it to appear solid and stand firm like this. Fill the rocks tightly from tail to head for a gabion that makes an attractive accent in the backyard garden. 

Gabion basket as seating backyard


The sturdy gabion basket can be used as a seat for the backyard. On top of the gabion frame, you can put a special seat mat, so you can sit there. A large round table made of gabion baskets will also be a unique attraction in the backyard.

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