7 Flowering Houseplants for Exciting Indoor Blooms

7 Flowering Houseplants for Exciting Indoor Blooms

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants are widely used because of the unique color of the leaves and some other uniqueness. No exception is the flowers. It is not easy to grow ornamental plants that produce flowers with an amazing variety of colors and shape. You can do the hard work to make the plant bloom all year round. There are many types of ornamental plants that produce beautiful ornamental flowers to fill the room at home. Some types you can see below:

Irish Flowers


This native Irish wildflower grows beautifully with its own characteristics. Ornamental flowers plants included in the sweetener plants of this room bloom with diverse flowers. One of them is blue with a yellow middle that looks sweet neatly arranged on the table.



These beautiful and amazing flower petals come from tubers sold in the fall. Plants that like bright places and a little light, you can place near the window. This amaryllis flower can bloom for about 6 weeks and last a month or even more. Do not water this plant until November.



The first list of flower plants that can grow indoors are bromeliads. This technically non-flowering plant is a plant decorated with a pointed structure and flowers that light up in red, orange and yellow.
Plants that look like pineapples appear exotic and tropical to fill the room in the house, even with a fairly dim light.



Orchid plants are the best plants that love selection. It thrives in any light except sunlight. This variety is quite a lot and popular you have with beautiful blooming flowers, a variety of colors that refresh the eyes.

Saintpaulia Ionantha


This beautiful flower with thick leaves also has a fairly large variety. One of them with green variegate leaves mixed with pink that makes visually interesting to fill the room table. The small petals are clustered and look thin, translucent.



Next is the plant with a heart shape has a variety of different colors such as red, white, easy red and purple. It grows well indoors that can bloom all year round. This plant is very fond of growth triggered by indirect light, weather and moist soil. Be careful with this plant as it is poisonous if ingested.



This perennial flowering plant from the Mediterranean and African regions has a fragrant flower smell, bell-shaped with folded petals. Plants used as room ornamental plant, room decorations to balconies are very beautiful with a variety of colors that are quite a lot.


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