7 Easy-To-Grow Houseplants for Dark Areas

Homiful.com -- Bringing plants in the house is proven to make the look of the house becomes fresher. Ornamental plants also have a stunning interior appearance that can change the room to be more attractive. But what if you have a dark room? Plants not only grow in bright rooms, certain types of plants can even live in low-light spaces.
If you're looking for references, we've compiled 7 easy-to-grow houseplants for dark areas specifically for you!

1. Snake plant


Who doesn't know snake plants? They are the best indoor plants that have many benefits. Snake plant is an oxygen-producing plant while purifying the air in the room. Their easy care is one of the advantages. Snake plants can even survive in low-light conditions.

2. Bird nest fern


In the natural habitat, bird nest fern grows under shady trees. So bird nest fern is one of the plants that can live in dark areas. They can be grown in various corners of your room that are even minimally light.

3. Peace lily


Peace lily is one of the best air purifying plants that you can grow at home. Peace ily has the characteristic white flowers that are so charming. They can live in a corner of the room that lacks light.

4. English Ivy


English ivy is a beautiful vine. They have low maintenance and require very little sunlight. Another advantage, this plant can also absorb various toxins in the room. You can hang it on a wall shelf as a decoration of the room.

5. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera, known as a plant that is beneficial for health and beauty. Aloe Vera also has an easy treatment, so it is recommended for you, beginner gardeners. You can grow them in terracotta pots for a more natural look.

6. Philodendron heartleaf


Philodendron is one of the most popular plants. One of them is philodendron heart leaf. They are easy to grow, even in dark spaces. This plant will make the atmosphere of the room becomes cooler and fresher.

7. Cast iron plant


 Cast iron plant is a plant that can live in various environmental conditions. Including a dark room. They have the characteristic of long-shaped leaves with a refreshing green color. This plant you can use as a decoration of the corner of your room

That's the review of 7  easy to grow houseplants for dark areas. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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