7 Easy-To-Grow Houseplants for Beginners

Homiful.com -- Presenting ornamental plants in the house if proven to make the look of the house more beautiful. Decorating the house with plants is one of the easiest ways to change the atmosphere of the house to be cooler. However, some people worry about not being able to take care of plants. But you don't have to worry anymore. We recommend low-care plants for you novice gardeners.
Let's first look at the 7 easy-to-grow houseplants for beginner below, specifically for you!

1. Snake plant


Snake plant is one of the best indoor plants that you can grow at home. They are oxygen-producing plants and the air-free air in the room. There are many reasons why snake plants loved, including having a beautiful look and of course easy care.

2. ZZ plant


The second plant can survive anywhere. ZZ plant has the characteristic of beautiful shiny leaves. It is often used for interior decoration of the room. ZZ plant grows well in indirect sunlight. You can put them by the window.

3. Monstera


Monstera is one of the most popular plants that has the characteristic of the most beautiful leaves. The shape of the leaves is unique, with a refreshing green color. The interesting thing is that Monstera has easy care, suitable for you novice gardeners.

4. Dieffenbachia


Houseplants that have other easy care have an alluring leaf color. Dieffenbachia has a characteristic color and pattern of leaves that vary. Moreover, this plant can also grow easily. Perfect for home decors.

5. Aloe Vera


This plant known to have many benefits for health and beauty. Aloe vera turns out to have unique leaf characteristic and can purify the air in the room. Easy care, is also one of the reasons why this plant is popular.

6. Peace Lily


Peace lily is an indoor plant that can purify the best air. They can even survive in a dark space. It is suitable for the decoration of the corner of your living room. Peace lily has white flowers that are synonymous with chastity.

7. Palm


Palm plant is one of the other low care indoor plants. They can grow easily and require little attention. We recommend this plant for you beginner gardeners. You only need to water them when soil is dry.

That's the review of 7 easy to grow houseplants for beginners. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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