7 DIY Railing Planter Ideas For Balcony Gardeners

Homiful.com -- Generally, every balcony must have a railing for balcony safety. Well, this railing can be a medium for placing balcony decorations, including for those of you who want to do balcony gardening. To do this, you need railing planters that match the shape of the railing, which tends to be like a vertical fence. 

In addition to buying ready-made planter railings, you can also make your own. Take a peek at the interesting ideas in 7 DIY Railing Planter Ideas For Balcony Gardeners.

DIY planter that can be used on the surface of the fence


Railing planters are usually only attached to the upright side of the railing. You can make more different railing planters. Like the planter above. This kind of planter has planting areas  on both sides. The drainage feature is also maximized so the plants grow well. So, make sure to make drainage holes on both sides. 

DIY wooden railing planter


Make a planter out of wood is fairly easy thing to do. You can make a wooden planter from the used wooden board. Adjust the design and size according to the balcony railing. Glue the wooden planter with a special frame, so the planter is sturdy and does not fall off easily. 

DIY colorful planter


You can make a beautiful DIY railing planter like this. Use tin cans or anything that can hold soil and plants in it. Make it colorful with colorful paint and adorable polka-dot accents. Here, you can grow various flowers with beautiful and colorful petals. 

DIY railing planter from acacia wood


Give color and freshness to your balcony by adding plants on the railing. Use a special railing planter. Like this one is made of acacia wood, which is great for all seasons, even you put it outdoors. Make it adjustable by adding a special support design that can be firmly attached to the railing. 

Making placement for potted plants


If not with the planter, you can be creative in making special placements for potted plants. Placemats can be made of solid material that can withstand the weight of the potted plant. The design of this placement serves to display the potted plant outside the balcony, rather than inside. 


This is the design of the pot, with a special place for the balcony garden railing. A pot will stand upright on a metal stand with a stand, which is safe to minimize the risk of the pot falling to the ground. This planter model placed between horizontal railings, which will look beautiful with blooming flowers.

Metal railing plant pot


You can use this metal railing plant pot to decorate your balcony.  This metal railing plant has a special hook that is easy to install on the balcony railing. Beautify with a choice of bright colors such as terracotta colors that will match the green plants.

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