7 Colorful Flowers that Grow in Shade

7 Colorful Flowers that Grow in Shade

Homiful.com -- Enough sun is very important for plant growth. But not all plants love a perfect shade of shade. To get full sunlight, you can add shade to avoid the color of burning leaves and flowers. Some characteristics of the flowers can not stand in place in a hot place, so they need for shade. Here are 7 lists of ornamental flowers with shade that you can put at home.




Plants with bright blooms and many colors, so one of these impatiens is loved and popular in various circles. These flowers will peacock in spring and heat to the maximum under a shady shade and not much light.



The next species are hellebore that love shade and bloom the earliest in winter or spring. The plant grows partially in full shade and can still tolerate sunlight well.



Hydrangeas are a favorite of many gardeners, with beautiful color variations and beautiful flowers. Will bloom with large and round clusters, this plant has a smaller and flat size. You can put in the right area, if too much sunlight will reduce the flowers. They simply get the morning and evening sunlight with shade.



Dark green leaves and flowers of color on this primula plant have easy care. Loves consistent watering, but not with wet soil.



This Huechera is a coral bell plant that blooms in spring to early summer. Beautifully grown with leaves and stalks has thin flowers and petite flowers. The color of the leaves is not only green but also there are purple, gold and others.



Astilbe is a plant that requires moist soil growth and can be dried properly. So you can water it once a week if it doesn't rain. Astilbe grows slowly and has feather-like flowers on the stem above the leaves. This variety of flowers has pink, red, lavender and white colors.



Fuchsia plants are highly valued for having a bright blooming color like the shape of teardrops on the glazed stem. This plant needs light when it is time to bloom, but does not like the afternoon sun very much. The flowers of this plant vary quite varied in red, white, bicolor, pink and purple.

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